Burgers? Yes Please Ft. Best in Burgers

Review by MFDWORLD

Who doesn’t enjoy some drool worthy burgers? I know everyone does! Oh yes! Recently we got our hands on some juicy and Old School burgers from BEST IN BURGERS.

Let’s see how that went!


Chicken crisp and crunchy burger (meal)

This was true to its words. Very crunchy, crispy and oh so yummy. Very filling with some yummy fries and a small pepsi. A PERFECT MEAL.

The burger was delish and a little on the spicy side. We loved indulging in this one for sure.


Chicken Chilli lava burger (meal)

This one was really delicious, gooey and yum. It was also very spicy and succulent .

Someone who loves spicy burgers, this one is definitely for you. The best part about this burger was how juicy it was and so perfectly created.

Fries and Pepsi complimented this burger really well. Delish!

Lastly, we had Chicken thick wrap.

What a juicy wrap it was. First of all, it was better than what we had in Mc Donalds, very delectable and yummy.

The wrap was a perfect item for one person and was very filling. It was perfectly balanced and HEAVENLY.

If you love wraps, then you need to try this one.

Best in Burgers is located in 5 locations across Delhi NCR.

Next time you crave for burgers, order from them.

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